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2009-07-23 15:23:08 by captinx

just thought i would tell you all im going to spain from to morry :D


New Video

2009-05-19 18:16:22 by captinx

Me and my mates made a new video please check it out?!!

The Ding Dong Song

Spred the word the ding dong song is out!?!

Re making newground rank system

2007-11-17 08:06:55 by captinx


Seeing as newgrounds has re done all its ranking system i thought well maby so should i, to help
the people out there who are new 2 newgrounds.

Old Verson


im starting 2 day and will keep u up2 date.



Going for Halloween game

2007-10-05 13:31:33 by captinx

hay all!

im going to try and aim to make and post a brand new game for Halloween 2007

hoping for it to make it big as every1 wants to.

well u should all look forward to it (if i make it in time)

and look forward to it coming soon